We are happy to submit claims for billing your insurance.  Few IMPORTANT reminders:

1.) Co-pays are due at the time of your appointment.  Cash or check are accepted for payment. A receipt can be provided at the time of your visit.

2.) We will discuss ALL diagnosis issues before a diagnosis is submitted to the insurance.  If you chose to not have a diagnosis submitted to your insurance company you (very likely) will not be able to use your insurance since most of the insurance companies require a diagnosis.  You will be responsible for all changes accrued if you chose to not use your insurance.

3.) Be aware that insurance companies to have the right to request records to verify treatment and diagnosis.

4.) it is recommended that you call your insurance provider early in the counseling process so that you are aware of co-pays, limits on numbers of sessions and the full extent of your benefits (some insurance companies are very generous with their mental health benefits and others are not).

Below you will find the Insurance companies I am currently an approved provider, Out of network is listed first followed by In-network.  At the bottom of this page you will find insurance companies that I am in the process of becoming an in network provider.

Out of network:


In Network:


Blue Cross and Blue Shield (includes Healthy Montana Kids)


InterWest(this includes the following insurance companies)

Allegiance Benefit Plan Management

Allied Benefit c/o Assurant Health

Associated Employers c/o (EBMS)

Blackfoot Telephone c/o (EBMS)

Boulder Administration Services

City of Powell c/o (EBMS)

Columbia Falls School District #6 c/o (EBMS)

Community, Counseling, and Correctional Services, Inc. (CCCS) c/o (GPA)

Continental General Insurance

CTA c/o (EBMS)


EBSO, Inc.

Employee Benefit Management Services (EBMS)

Fremont Motors c/o HealthEZ

GlobalCare/ Benefit Assistance Corporation

Group & Pension Administrators (GPA)


Intermountain Wood Products c/o GlobalCare/ Benefit Assistance Corporation

John Alden Life Insurance Company c/o Assurant Health

Joint Powers Trust c/o (EBMS)

MADA Insurance Trust (MT Auto Dealers Association) c/o (EBMS)

Madison National Life Insurance Company c/o IHC Health Solutions

Meritain Health

Mid West National Life Insurance Company of TN c/o NovaNet

Montana Credit Union League c/o (EBMS)

Montana Dental Association c/o (EBMS)

Montana State Bankers c/o (EBMS)

MT Retail Store Employees Health and Welfare Trust

NAHGA Claims Administrators c/o NovaNet

National Health Benefits Corporation (NHBC)/PHX

NGS CoreSource


OutsourceOne Benefits

PacificSource Health Plans

PreferredOne Administrative Services

Price Mine c/o HealthEZ

Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc. (PBA)

Regional Care

Reynolds Market c/o GlobalCare/ Benefit Assistance Corporation

Sheehan Majestic c/o (EBMS)

Sheridan County of Montana c/o (EBMS)


Tall Tree Administrators

Time Insurance Company c/o Assurant Health

Trustmark Insurance Company


Union Security Insurance Company c/o Assurant Health

World Insurance c/o American Republic Insurance Company

WY State Bankers c/o (EBMS)

WY State Bankers Association Group Benefits Trust c/o (EBMS)

In process:



(If you do not see your Insurance provider please do not hesitate to call and ask if I can pursue becoming a provider in network with your insurance. I will do the best I can to make that happen.)